Monday, July 25, 2011

Jason Wallace's Corner

To me, the best part about making movies is the journey from, 
the blank page, to the darkened theater with an audience.

 A blank piece of paper has never intimidated me, in fact, quite the opposite is true. Yes it is frustrating, and yes it is difficult, but never has it been intimidating. Although, for those who have never attempted writing before, I can imagine that it must seem easy, and I encourage those people to attempt to write something, ANYTHING, and find the humbling nature of creativity ALONE in a room, OR, it's great satisfaction! It's a wonderfully terrifying roller

 A blank piece of paper is a magical thing to me though. It can turn into a movie script, a song, a novel, a play, a love note, a ransom note, and on a bad day a paper airplane, OR, even the Declaration of Independence. 

 After all the hard work, the lack of sleep, the fighting, the endless questions & answers, the mental travel, and the character surprises, comes the the big show.

Being in the audience listening to the laughs and the screams or watching someone wiping away tears of joy or sorrow, because of something that you created, in your mind, on a blank piece of paper, well, I don't have any children yet, but it has to be close to that level of satisfaction & pure JOY!


--------J.A. Wallace

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Marquette Williams Corner

What I often admire is how our team at GHS can band together in three days and meet an amazing deadline for a meeting with WME.  There are times where I ask for things with a short turn around.  And we all feel the heat of completion and the desire to reach our goal.  There are times where I may reach beyond what is to naturally be expected of my staff and ask of their own time in order to make us all shine.  I have come to appreciate these moments.  These are the times where I personally witness our greatness and our perseverance to become the prolific artists we are inside.  We run toward our destiny like a child racing in the rain.  To ambitious to even consider failing and to stubborn to allow these mile high hurdles to stop us.  For me this is the company that we have built and I am proud to say I am apart of it. - Marquette

Meeting Today with William Morris Endeavors

The Greenhouse Studio's partners are excited about their meeting today with William Morris Endeavors!