Wednesday, February 2, 2011


"The 2011 Sundance Festival made me fall in love all over with the World of Art, with the possibilities of creative expression, with the dreams of individuals in my own team at Greenhouse Studios!  I saw that Dreams+ Actions+ Youth= Movies… This ambitious equation and perhaps naive became tangible not only in my spirit but now at my fingertips. Sundance showed me the power of teamwork and the fruits it fosters.  I attended the festival for only three days but I was fortunate to see four films: Kinyarwanda, Win Win, Son of No One, Like Crazy!  ALL four were brilliant! Yet… on the low budget end of production.  I asked myself, “Does this mean that making an excellent movie is not solely correlated to production budget?; Does that mean financial resources are not the driver of filmmaking but more so the vehicle?;  I realized that the glass is not half empty or half full, it is spilling over for I have a team that’s full of talent and ability and the possibilities are so many  as they are the vibrations of each member!  With high appreciation and deep gratitude for GHS, I live this words in truth!"

~ Radostina
    Head of Business Development 

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