Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Words from a Greenhouse intern:

"It hasn't been easy relocating from the suburbs of Atlanta to one of the biggest schools in the country, Arizona State University, and then relocating again as a college grad to the HUGE city of Los Angeles. However, Greenhouse Studios has welcomed me with open arms to help revamp their social media sites. Making it in the entertainment industry, whether in film or television, seemed like only a dream as a recent college graduate. Now, Greenhouse is giving me the opportunity to learn from the best. They welcome creativity and are open to all ideas. It is my job to help get Greenhouse on the radar and help Greenhouse Studios help others. The partners once had the same dream, make it in the industry. When they found it frustrating that there wasn't anyone to help them along, they came up with Greenhouse Studios and now offer suites for editing features, documentaries, short films, commercials, or music videos at an affordable rate. They know how it feels to start at the bottom and they want to help others achieve their goals and dreams. I am lucky enough to see it first hand and hopefully one day I can be where they are today."

~Lizzy Chavous
   Social Media/Marketing Intern
   Greenhouse Studios 

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