Monday, November 8, 2010


I had enough of the questioning. He didn't understand how much of a hurry I was in or how truly hungry I was. That hunger that changes your mood from cordial to animalistic. So I laid into him. With all my will and my corporate experience. He was in front of a CEO and was about to find out how important I am!!!
"You like black and white movies kid?" Before he could answer I continued.
"You see the one where the guy messes up and gets a pair of cement shoes?" I was going and he was not daring to respond anymore. All I heard was a car horn in the distance. But I continued anyway. "Can you imagine what that must feel like to be thrown into the ocean with a pair of cement shoes? I guess if your lucky enough to get one last breath in, then it's probably kind of a peaceful moment. The sound just stops, you open your eyes and everything is blue...kind of dreamlike I could imagine. But then, a second later, you look up as your sinking and the moonlight begins disappearing and everything starts to get dark. I bet about that moment is when you realize that you're holding your breath. Then, in a flash of panic you open your mouth, your lungs fill with salt water and you're heart begins racing uncontrollable until cardiac arrest. AND YOU'RE DEAD !!!
A moment of silence, then he finally responded, "Sir, I still need to know if you want curly fries or regular?" My eyes darted back and forth in thought before answering, "Curly." "Please pull forward," he said. Another car horn from behind before I pulled forward. I was about to calm the beast called hunger. And I suspect the rest of the world would be a better place from it!

~Jason Wallace
 Greenhouse Studios LLC

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