Monday, March 21, 2011


"Rare is the word that I choose to describe my experience at the
Greenhouse Studios Mixer featuring the Epic Camera, RED’s latest.  Rare is
it that you see so many true artists in one place. Rare is it that a
Hollywood event is not motivated by profit but by a genuine desire to
bring together truly talented people so that they may grow together.
Greenhouse Studios opened their doors to family, friends, business
associates, artists and anyone else who had a desire to expand their
knowledge about the film business.  They did this because this is who they
are as individuals and a company.  Rare is it that you go to a Hollywood
mixer and experience absolutely no attitude.  Rare is it that every person
you meet you feel like you have known your whole life. Thank you for such
an amazingly rare experience." --- Troy Cunningham, Director/Filmmaker

Radostina Peteva
Head of Business Development

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