Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Words of a Greenhouse Employee:

Today I am continuing to work on the storyboards for Dead Recon. I have about 12 scenes completed. The biggest of action sequences are the most challenging. Thus far things have been moving at a fair pace. I think I could get them done faster if I had 10 hands and 8 brains. Actually they would have to be 10 right hands. Which would make the concept all that much weirder, because now I'm just deformed.

I looked forward to actually drawing out the exploding and genocide of some " evil creatures" in the upcoming scenes. I wonder if somehow we can get Bruce Campbell to make a Cameo. I don't see how you can have a proper monster movie without him. How can you rightfully fight evil without a chainsaw and witty banter like, "suck on my boomstick".

~Frank Dellafemina

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